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Looking after ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hello again @Sophia1 

I Heart the rasberries

You do you!

Image result for raspberries

With you @Adge hang in there friend.



Re: Living with Ourselves

Hi @Sophia1 


It's great to have you back and no! it does not sound like a naughty child at all - whatever was happening you needed time out - I think we all have that at times


It does seem as if you are having a tough time - and you need support - hey - this is the needing-support-today capital of the world - I need it too - you have come to the right place and found the right company - whoo hooSmiley Happy


I hear you are unsafe and mis-trusting atm - that's okay - you can reach out here and you haven't been forgotten - welcome back - and venture forth




Re: Living with Ourselves

 Hi from me too @Sophia1   I'm always happy to see you and listen to you no matter what's going on.  I love the raspberries too!  Heart

Re: Living with Ourselves

 lovely responses

loved the woohoo capital @Dec 

@frog  thank you...precious

@eth  such a caring person you are, thank you

Thank you all I am so sorry that I have not been able to venture to where you write your thoughts mainly

I am not feeling self pity 

I am aware of my limitations and working very heard at not beating myself up for not being there for so many even in the real world..

grief is still rife for many people..reasons..I am working through this with counselling.

You all mean the world to me ...even those of you who are taking time out...

please remind yourselves of that

you are still very much in my thoughts even when absent...nothing changes that

bye for now


Re: Living with Ourselves

1.png @Sophia1 

Re: Living with Ourselves

@outlander and all others passing


for you


if you get tired.jpgwhat lies within us.jpg


Re: Living with Ourselves

love those quotes @Sophia1 ❤❤

Re: Living with Ourselves

Hi again @Sophia1 


I'm just glad you're back and I am sure many othe people feel the same way - yes - we all need to take time out and we are not giving up - we are just taking stock


Being aware of our limitations and not beating ourselves up about it is taking care of ourselves and being our own best friend - that's so important - part of learning to building up our self-esteem and so important


Grief-work is hard work - not easy for anyone and it is always different and has different facets - I am glad you are getting counselling - this will help


You are the world to us too Sophia and you were certainly not forgotten when you were taking time out


It's seems to have come a long way and this is good news and all the best for your future




beautiful-rainbow-heart-with-realistic-elements-vector-19103418.jpgLife is full of multi-coloured variations

Re: Living with Ourselves

Re: Living with Ourselves

@Sophia1  Dropping off a rainbow.

I moved on Monday. Tired, but relieved. I can put down some roots now.


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