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Re: Far and Away

thank you my sister @Zoe7 Heart

soo much is going through my mind at the moment

think i will go to bed early and try to get some sleep

every dayis different @Faith-and-Hope , @Hamsolo01 , @Meowmy , @eth 

Re: Far and Away

good night my @Sherry HeartHeartHeart

hope you have a good night sleep tooo xx

Re: Far and Away

@Shaz51 my awesome friend

I hope you are okay. Sorry I struggle to keep up with everyone here :/

Re: Far and Away

Thinking of you often @Faith-and-Hope   Really hoping things are starting to feel a bit more sorted out for you re WH as you used to call him.  And for all your baby dragons too.

Image result for mother and baby dragons pictures

Re: Far and Away

Don't worry @Hamsolo01  I'm the same lately. Too many posts to keep up with. 
hi sis @Shaz51 hope you're ok. Xx

Re: Far and Away

hello @BlueBay , @Hamsolo01 HeartHeart

i am ok today better than yesterday xx

soo making today a rest day

Re: Far and Away

Thanks @eth 🙏


🌷💕 @BlueBay  ..... try not to stress about it ..... it’s just good to see you ..... and you @Hamsolo01 👋


@The-red-centaur @oceangirl  👋


Sorry, I will be a bit random with shout-outs.  I am thinking of a lot of people even though I am not posting so much at the moment.


@Snowie ❄️💕

❤️🦋 @Zoe7 

@Sans911  📚☕️💕

@utopia 🐣 (let’s call it a baby galah)


Re: Far and Away

Re: Far and Away

awwww thank you for the lovely picture @Zoe7 Heart

thinking of you lots too xx




Re: Far and Away

hot up here today @Faith-and-Hope , @Hamsolo01 , @BlueBay , @eth , @Zoe7 


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